Friday, February 1, 2019

"A Young Man With High Potential" Gets U.S. Summer Release

German thriller "A Young Man With High Potential" will get a summer release this year in U.S. Artsploitation Films hasn't announced the format of release, however, it will likely see Digital platforms, DVD discs and possibly a Blu-ray release this August 6th. It is directed by Linus de Paoli, and stars Adam Ild Rohweder, Paulina Galazka, Pit Bukowski.

"A Young Man With High Potential" focuses on a man who is socially awkward. Working almost exclusively from home, Piet (Adam Ild Rohweder) has lost touch with the outside world. When Klara (Paulina Galazka) becomes friendly with Piet, he instantly falls for her. Desperate and lonely, Piet will do anything to make this one-sided relationship work.

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