Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Review Of “Angel, Alien And UFO Encounters From Another Dimension”

angel alien and ufo“Angel, Alien and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension” is a documentary that searches for meaning in phenomenon known as orbs visual entities that appear on images collected by observers and individuals during unexplained light encounters, orbs or UFO’s. This film seeks to tie all these paranormal elements with religious overtures and meaning. It is an attempt to somehow explain the unexplained,  combine the irrational with the rational, or rectify some order to the natural state of chaos found in the universe. The documentary comes from Reality Entertainment.

As much as I despise the type of documentary that seeks to manipulate and persuade the viewer into a preconceived and biased point of view  I have to say that “Angel, Alien and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension” was very informative and entertaining. The documentary exposed some truly interesting moments of unexplained phenomena as well as revealing some truly original and underexposed footage and interviewee’s of this particular realm of the UFO world. Religious foretelling and Bible prophecy aside this film contains some truly new and compelling documented evidence that something truly extraordinary and profound is at work in the universe. Even though the host and company behind this documentary have differed opinion as to these experiences than I do this film was very entertaining and moving as to the actually material presented within.

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