Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Web Series 'Guess I’m a Ghost" Now Streaming On Vimeo

Web series “Guess I’m a Ghost“, is now streaming on Vimeo. The eight-episode series is  a mix between “High Maintenance” and “The Good Place”. It made its world premiere at DC Webfest  and recently accepted to the Hunter Mountain Film Festival.

Diane…wasn’t the best friend. She liked to bend the truth and look out for number one. After embarrassing herself at a party, she’s killed in a ride-share accident when climbing into the front seat to charge her phone. Then, because of a mistake in the afterlife, she’s sent back to earth and forced to haunt those she could’ve treated a little better and might owe her an apology themselves.

Guess I'm a Ghost Trailer from Chris Sullivan on Vimeo.

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