Monday, April 29, 2019

"Friday Night Death Slot" World Premiere

"Friday Night Death Slot" World Premiere

 “Friday Night Death Slot” will be debuting from It’s Alive Films at NextWave Media Lab in Troy, MI. Written and directed by Stephen Florentine and stars Joshua Werner (Consigned to OblivionSchism), Krissi Kinney (Chair GangReplicator), Dennis Doyle Jr. (Beyond the MaskI Declare War) and Belinda Bonaudo Hellebuyck (Replicator). The World Premiere event takes place Saturday, May 4th, at NextWave Media Lab in Troy, MI. Attendees will get appetizers, a meet-and-greet with the cast and crew of the film, an opening musical comedy short from the web series “Gigs”, Friday Night Death Slot, and then a Q & A along with dessert and champagne. Tickets are available now at

"Friday Night Death Slot" blends comedy and horror in a new way. When the long running sitcom “Web Brewers” starts falling out of favor, and into the “Friday night death slot”, the fictitious characters start dying gruesome deaths at the hands of a serial killer, as outside forces are affecting the fate of the show. When the show’s lead character Sam starts to become lucid and more aware of the fictitious world he lives in, he finds himself fighting for survival as the show takes new directions.

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