Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Review Of “The Eves” 2012

The Eves“The Eves” is a modern backwoods/road horror directed by Tyler Glodt. The film takes the psycho-killer theme into an original, high energy, terror lane. ‘The Eves” stars Alexa Albrecht, Matthew Albrecht, Phillip Albrecht, Cathy Baron, Stewart W. Calhoun, Mark Ford, Jackson Johnson, Corrie Loftin,  J.R. May and Amelia Meyers. This nightmare is a dark, thrilling journey into cruelty and psychotica that seems totally Americana.

The story takes the road horror into grindhouse territory effortlessly. The innocent trip that turns into a fight for survival against homicidal madman shows strongly in “The Eves”. There is a period in the beginning that gets a bit old with the “ooh you scared me bit” which really set me into the notion that I was not gonna like this flick. However from the first real scare, that results in the kick-off to the horror show, the film pulled me in. The blunt cruelty of the antagonist, against the helpless victims offers a disturbing sense of realness that hooks you in. I found the cast to be apt in bringing these characters to life, creating a strong, well executed story. Plus with the intense, brutality of the last act, “The Eves” becomes a chilling survival nightmare.

The special effects, suspenseful build-up, and over all darkness of ‘The Eves” creates a steady, even-paced intensity the feels natural and “at times” cringe worthy. The director does a great job working the cast, and scene direction so that kill scenes look genuine. It is above low budget quality really. “The Eves” is a strong indie horror that I enjoyed. The sound effects, and overall ability of the film to keep a strong foreboding atmosphere never falls flat. If it wasn’t for the slow, annoying start to the film, with way to many “fake scare” moments, then this film would be flawless. Still the second and third act make up for that unnecessary exuberance. “The Eves” is a film I will be watching again-especially during the Halloween season. There is something truly terrifying about psychotic young people!

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