Wednesday, August 20, 2014

France’s First Found Footage Anthology In Production

Director Fabian Delage and production company Fright House Films has come together to produce the first ever French found-footage, anthology horror film. “3:15” is currently in production and plans are in the works to see this one released in France and North America sometime in 2015.  “3:15am” introduces a new wave of indie filmmakers French talented.

8 independent French film makers directed 7 15-minutes films for an hour and 45 minutes of pure fear in the style of "Blair Witch" and “V/H/S”! “3:15am”, inspired by the Devil's Hour, reinvents the Horror Anthology Movie franchise.

315amHas evil ever crossed your path at 3:15 in the morning? That infamous hour when the Devil comes to life and the doorway to the supernatural world opens. This brand new anthology explores this eerie time of night feared by most horror film fans. Whereas 3:15 is often associated with demonic possession in films and popular culture, those 8 directors have decided to explore different kinds of genres so as to offer a fresh look on a type of cinema supposedly on the decline. But one thing is for sure, 3:15am does not only bring back the Found Footage genre! Time has come to die.

The Abomination Ring-Directed by Nicolas Delage: Teenagers decide to shoot a film in a forbidden place. During the shooting, they will witness unsettling events. At night, the power goes out and they realize they have brought something into the house.

The short films included in "3:15":
Beyond Darkness-Directed by Guillaume Creis: As they are visiting a ghost town at night, a group of people unearth something that will change their lives forever.

The Grove-Directed by Fabien Delage: In the USA, two French hikers capture on video their trip through the mountains on the trail of Bigfoot . Flabbergasted by the scariest encounter, the pair gets lost in the forest.
Invasion-Directed by Vincent Lecrocq: A couple is making a sextape in their bedroom. Suddenly, the power goes out. What if they were not alone in their home anymore?

Take Cover-Directed by David Thillault: As they are exploring a supposedly haunted orphanage, a ghost hunter crew picks up a signal. When they realize what it is, it's already too late.

The Wandering Soul-Directed by Frédéric Gros & Sabrina Kerrar: A man goes in search of the spirit of his wife, stuck between two worlds, as she was taken by the devil at 3 :15am.  For his daughter, he shots in real time a testimony-video which plunges us into his terrible course.

The Woman in the Attic-Directed by Evelyne Phan: A young woman of Chinese descent comes back to meet her family in France for New Year's Eve. It seems that a terrible family secret is tormenting her relatives.  She captures their testimonies on tape before being confronted with a living nightmare.

The teams have already started shooting and Fright House Pictures is planning on a DTV release in France and North America in 2015. For French horror cinema, the future looks awesomely grim!

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