Monday, June 2, 2014

Release Date Set For “Legend Of The Hillbilly Butcher”

1WHACKED movies has announced the DVD release date for Joaquin Montalvan’s “Legend Of The Hillbilly Butcher”. The film will hit shelves on September 23rd, (Fall Equinox time-kickin’ off the Holiday season right!), and stars Paul E. Respass, Theresa Holly, Chris Shumway, and Stephen Feinberg. Produced by Sledgehammer Films and written by Montalvan, “Legend Of The Hillbilly Butcher” has a new poster, and “tribute” video for horror fans to enjoy as news sets in of the film’s release date, so check ‘em out.

In a lonely backwoods shack, Carl Henry Jessup spends his time drinkin' and thinkin' bout dem good ole days with only his half sister Rae Lynn and his friend Billy Wayne to keep him company. He lives an isolated existence - that is, until folks start tresspassin' on his property, and Carl gets off his ass and becomes the Hillbilly Butcher.

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