Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fairy Tale Murders By Kelly Money

1Check out Kelly Money’s Fairy Tale Murders about a serial killer in the Topeka area. The book was released March 18th, 2014. “If you like Dan Brown's style, you will love Kelly Money and this book.”—Ron Mehin, Amazon review.

Women are disappearing in Topeka and with each disappearance comes another “special delivery” from a man who calls himself the Fairy Tale Murderer. Detective Kate Kingsley searches for her missing best friend, Kristen, while hot on the trail of an emerging serial killer. Is Kristen one of the killers “princesses” or is she simply the bait to lure Kate to her own Fairy Tale ending?

After he watches his controlling father, the owner of Country Haven Mortuary,
die in front of him, Stan sloughs off his meek behavior and becomes empowered
by his sudden freedom. He soon discovers that in order to get any physical
satisfaction he must murder women who resemble the females in the fairytales
his mother had once read to him.
Detective Kate Kingsley’s good friend, who was grieving the death of her mother,
is suddenly missing. Kingsley begins investigating only to find that the trail
leads her back to Country Haven Mortuary, even though there is no immediate
evidence of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, other women end up missing and the only
clue that is left at the scene is a fairy tale book.
Stan, the fairy tale murderer, is as creepy as Hannibal Lecter, if not more so.
While he goes about the business of operating a funeral home, where there is a
crematorium he finds useful in hiding evidence, he discovers women who look
like Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and other fairy tale characters, and then makes
them his own.
Readers will squirm and stay awake at night to finish reading Fairy Tale Murders
in hopes that this diabolical creature meets his end.

About the Author
Born in Topeka, Kelly Money quickly learned that life in Kansas wasn’t just
tornados and yellow brick roads. Although the tornados were real, Kelly learned
to use her imagination through writing stories and poetry. Inspired by the
ominous and eerie mortuary next to her aunt’s house, a love for mysteries and
suspense began at the age of seven. This passion led Kelly to Bethany College
where she played basketball and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
She and her family currently reside in Glendale, Arizona where she has been a
Realtor for over twenty years. Look for the author on Facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/FTM.KellyMoney. Kelly, who is available for interview,
is working on her second novel.

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