Friday, May 17, 2013

Indie Slasher “Blood Creek Woodsman”

bcw_premiere_posterThe indie slasher flick “Blood Creek Woodsman” is scheduled to have it’s world premiere at Crypticon Seattle 2013! The film is a “homegrown” horror film directed by Joe Sherlock and starring Tom Stedham, Michelle ‘Ame’ Mahoney, Rob Merickel, Bryn Kristi, Jeremiah Benjamin, Robert J. Olin, Maren McGuire and Adam Paris. The world premiere will be held on Saturday May 25th at 11 pm at Emerald Ballroom B (incase you miss it printed on the poster to the side of this).

The small Oregon town of Oak Creek was shaken to the core when logger Bud Kindrick lost his mind and went a killing spree after discovering a terrible secret. Now, nearly a year later, the killings have begun again and echo those committed by Kindrick, who had been dubbed the Blood Creek Woodsman. The town Sheriff, his estranged wife, his deputy and a pushy reporter must get to the bottom of what's going on while the bodies pile up around them!

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