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Trash Talk With With Geri Horn

geri hornGeri Horn may come from a small town in Kentucky but she is truly one gal with a big personality as evident in her many incarnations in the Indie cult anthology “Trashology”. I imagine after having birthed and produced such a lively and eclectic child such as Geri Horn Irvine, Kentucky was never the same. The hairdresser and multi-talented entertainer may not bee well known as some more famous divas but give a girl time. She is after all merely a fetus! A fetus with fabulous hair and stiletto's but still young enough to gain a cult following on her journey to fame and notoriety.

 “Trashology” will soon be released through Indie distribution company Slasher//Video but it is not Geri’s only work. She will also been seen in several projects coming in the future. She plays a gypsy in “Mother’s Blood” and will be seen in “Model Hunger” as well as “Tales Of Poe” and “Crazy Fat Ethel” which is currently filming and also comes from the twisted mind of Brian Dorton. “Crazy Fat Ethel” is a re-imagining of the cult classic Indie flick “Criminally Insane”. However now is all about trash! From “squashing” , corsets and Jewish princesses Geri Horn has her sites set on the world. With more personalities than Sybil and a natural ability to harness them in entertaining fashion this queen is truly werqin’ her gifts flawlessly. I guess I should mention that Geri was not always Geri. She was born Rodney, a young boy who always fantasized about being in cereal commercials, later realized his dream of performing in school plays, talent shows and now in films that are destined to be cult classics.

geri horn as debbie
I had a chance to talk with Miss Geri Horn who I imagine shares a relationship with her counterpart much as Glory did with Ben in Season Five of Buffy. Okay so it maybe is a little more terrestrial than that but isn't far from the real transformation that gives rise to enigmatic persona. Mostly we trash talked about what else but her many characters in “Trashology” and fetishes. The characters are truly colorful, commanding and hilarious as is the entire anthology. Regardless of suspicious rating of phantom IMDber’s assault on the film. Currently there is an attempt by bogus accounts on the IMDb site to trash the film and not in a good way. A film that is true Americana filth at it’s finest, proving that John Water’s spirit will live on in cult cinematic trash! F.Y.I. as a rule of thumb one should not judge by number ratings alone. They are crap. Read the people who have seen the movies review and watch the films to make your own assessment.  To read my review of the film go here! Of coarse after you read my interview with Miss Horn.

ASouthernLife:  How did you get involved with Brian Dorton's "Trashology"?
Geri Horn: Well, I worked with Brian before and I think we work well together. We have fantastic chemistry .

ASouthernLife: What was your first reaction when you read the script?
Geri Horn: I love everything Brian writes. Its so funny and off the wall!

ASouthernLife: You play several characters (Big Debbie/Laura/Larry/Ms.Green/Victim)  in the movie that are varied archetypes of woman. Where did you get the inspiration for these colorful yet over the top women?
Geri Horn: I basically pull these out of my ass. I think of people in my life, twist and bend them till they are so messed up they just fit perfectly.

ASouthernLife:  Which of the characters was your favorite to play?
Geri Horn: Mrs. Green was the most fun to play not glamorous at all but she was this crazy old lady who was sweet. You still are kind of stand offish cause she is so terrifying.

ASouthernLife: I think for me Laura was my favorite. She reminded me on a tranquilized Sylvia Fine from The Nanny. Where did the inspiration for Laura come?
Geri Horn: She has a dash of Sylvia after watching her I see it but I was just going for a Jewish Marilyn Monroe with a dash of Karen walker.

ASouthernLife: How did "squashing" feel? Did it arouse you in any
Geri Horn: No squashing does nothing for me but I was afraid for poor Doug. I thought for sure I was gonna kill him – haha .

ASouthernLife: Had you ever heard of "squashing" before this film?  I had not and I find it is hilarious! (My apologies to all the “Squashers” or “Squash-heads”)
Geri Horn: Yes- I was well aware of squashing. I seen it on Murray or Ricki Lake when I was a kid. Those girls where very large and the guys where 90 pounds. I was like dear lord I need to find a guy like that if he's into fluffy girls.

ASouthernLife:  Did you ever think you wouldn't make it through a scene? The material is so funny that I just don't see how you all kept a straight face!
Geri Horn: Yes- we all about died laughing but I'm a professional. I keep it together pretty good until reviewing the footage. Then I about pissed on myself.

ASouthernLife: What are some of your hobbies and passions in life aside from acting?
Geri Horn: I live to travel and see the world while I can. I like to go to flea markets, swimming and drawing.  I'm also a hairdresser, I love doing hair and make-up!

ASouthernLife: Do you have any fetishes and has anything ever gone wrong when trying to act out a fantasy?
Geri Horn: Well I like to wear corsets and heels while trying to be sexy. I know I'm going to end up stabbing someone with the heels. It hasn't happened yet but I'm waiting.

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