Friday, January 25, 2013

The Struggle Between Friendship And Survival: My Interview With Michelle Van Deyl

you found meMichelle Van Deyl is set to battle the elements of nature and evil in Lawrence W. Nelson II’s feature film adaptation of his powerful but brief short “You Found Me”. The short film was picked up by BlackFlag TV and was well received by fans. It was also a boost to his goal of bringing the story into a larger more dynamic nightmare. The feature film is currently in the early stages of pre-production but with the cast set and story hot in the Indie community “You Found Me” should become a cult classic filled with plenty of gore and screams.

Van Deyl who may not be well known yet has been cast to play the role of Jane Wisemen in the feature film that has five friends on an excursion into nature for some hiking and female bonding only to have to fight for survival while facing unspeakable evils. Michelle Van Deyl lives in Toronto Canada and is very eager to take on this role with the jubilance of a true final girl. However only time will tale if she truly has what it takes to be just that and over come the odds to survive this nightmare. I had a chance to ask her about taking on the role of Jane Wisemen in “You Found Me”.

ASouthernLife:  You play Jane Wisemen in "You Found Me", tell me about your character in the film.

Michelle Van Deyl: Jane is an adventurous person who loves the outdoors which I can relate to because I grew up on Manitoulin Island so I was constantly surrounded by nature. She is also faced with a moral dilemma in the film where she has to make a tough choice between her life or her friends.

ASouthernLife: Is this your first feature film? Are you nervous?

Michelle Van Deyl:This is my first feature film and yes I am nervous -lol, who wouldn't be? I am also very excited about the opportunity and am going to work hard, especially practicing my screaming lol.

ASouthernLife:  What is Jane's relationship to the other characters in "You Found Me"- the "hikers"?

Michelle Van Deyl: The other characters are Jane's close friends . They are very tight and would do anything for each other. I feel like Jane has a protective nature to her friends, especially Dina and Sam. There is some tension between her and Maggie though who like Jane has a strong personality. As the film becomes more intense, conflict arise between them. They both want to lead and take charge but have different attitudes on what to do.

ASouthernLife:  What did you think after seeing the short film? After seeing the short film I love the idea of it being in the woods. The idea of being isolated and out of touch with the rest of the world adds to the horror.

Michelle Van Deyl: Are you a big horror fan? I love horror films but in moderation -lol. I scare very easily so I try to limit how often I watch one. I am not a huge fan of gory movies though,I like to keep that to the imagination. I like more thrillers.

ASouthernLife: Do you have a favorite horror film? And Why?

Michelle Van Deyl: My favorite horror film would have to be between The Shining and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. TCM I saw when I was really young at my uncles farm in the middle of nowhere and I think that was the most scared I have ever been watching a horror film. The Shining I watched for the first time when I was 20 years old and it was a different kind of scared. That movie messes with your mind. Those twins were so scary- lol
If you are as interested in this Indie project as I am then head over to the Facebook Page for “You Found Me” to keep up with the project’s status. Also on Lawrence W Nelson II’s slate is a future horror project reminiscent of the classic era of slasher movies “The Mangled”.  Plus you can always check back on my blog for updates as well as more interviews with the cast of “You Found Me”.

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