Saturday, January 26, 2013

Promo Poster Released For Acid Bath’s “Mystery Meat”

mystery meatAcid Bath Productions has issued the promo poster for their next feature film titled “Mystery Meat”. The movie written and directed by James Balsamo is a horror/comedy about a space creature that lays its eggs in a meatball factory and the soon-to-sprout spawn are dipped in batter and shipped out cross-country. Fast food heat lamps will bring the little monsters to life and they are hungry! Also check out the cool promo stills of model/actresses Tracy Wayne Gacy and Nicoletta Ringwalker. The film is scheduled to release in July 2013 worldwide.

They came from outer space to eat your face!  You're the tasty treat in Mystery Meat!

mystery meat

Tracy Wayne Gacy
Nicoletta Ringwalker

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This movie didn't even come out, this guy is major wanker that objectifies women and has no business ethics. Kisses asses of celebrities but has no respect for anyone elses effort, unless they are giving his tiny willy a chubby


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