Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Review Of Beyond Here Lies Nothing By Gary McMahon

Beyond Here Lies Nothing
Beyond Here Lies Nothing is the third book in The Concrete Grove trilogy by Gary McMahon. The novel pulls the reader back to the dark and sinister happenings of an urban squallier of existence, the Estate. The story centers around the tragic disappearance of four young girls known as the Gone Away Girls and is just one event in the residential area of England of disturbing and nightmarish moments. Gary McMahon manages to weave together lifes filled with little hope that are heavy with despair.  Each of the characters in Beyond Here Lies Nothing are consumed with a loneliness and sense of tragedy that pulls you into their lives like a black hole, squeezing you as it chokes and compresses your mind with images that generate terror and fear. The story is a haunting story that combines legend and mystic pasts with paralleled dimensions and truly horrific human occurrences.

Loculous is the recess in a catacomb where relics of worship are kept. It is also the point of universal balance that must be maintained with consideration in order for life to flourish. It is a pagan representation of the yin/yang. In Beyond Here Lies Nothing we discover what may become of our world if this balance is not witnessed. The face of this truth is not always pleasant. Sometimes it is dark and sinister as Gary McMahon proves in this gripping tale of loss and supernatural interference. From the moment the novel starts there is almost no hope for these characters as their story unfolds. It is a dark and cryptic tale that is thrilling and captivating. A truly fascinating nightmare that demands us to show greater care for what came before our modern plastic society and pay homage to the organic and mystical nature of a universal truth. Beyond Here Lies Nothing is a dark and twisted journey into the realm of nightmares.

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