Monday, October 14, 2019

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Divine Spirit Ameretat

Zoroastrian celebration of Divine Spirit Ameretat (Immortality), creator and protector of vegetation. [a/k/a Ayathrima, Herds-Homecoming] [Fasli calendar]

Ameretat is the Avestan language name of the Zoroastrian divinity/divine concept of immortality. Ameretat is the Amesha Spenta of long life on earth and perpetuality in the hereafter.

Ameretat is very closely allied to Haurvatat, who was the goddess of Water, Prosperity/Wholeness, and Health. Zoroaster, the prophet of Zoroastrianism, had stated “both Wholeness and Immortality are for sustenance” in the kingdom of Ahura Mazda.

Ameretat has a counterpart like most deities in Zoroastrianism, who is the Daeva, Shud. Both Ameretat and Haurvatat represent the reward of the righteous after death .

Ameretat along with 5 other Amesha Spentas, took part in creation.

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