Thursday, April 4, 2019

Pagan Festival Shout Out: A-ma Festival

A-ma is the patroness of all fishers and sailors in the region of Macao, where, (April 9), is her festival day and her birthday. Sometimes called Matsu, her divinity offers safety in life’s literal or figurative storms, often by teaching magical weather charms. Legend says A-ma achieved enlightenment and a mastery of magic at the young age of 28, after which she went to Nirvana and became a Goddess.

In areas where she is celebrated the day is spent enjoying parades for the goddess, eating lots of seafood, adorning altars with food and incense. suggests : have some type of fish today (if you’re allergic, eat fish-shaped candy instead). Before eating it, thank the founder of your feast with this prayer:
A-ma thank you for your providence and protection.
Let the seas of my soul find solace in you;
Let the waters of my spirit be refreshed in you. So be it.
Wear any red-colored clothing today to commemorate A-ma’s birthday and inspire her magical assistance. Ties or scarves are especially nice for this, as you can bind one of A-ma’s attributes within the knot for the day. Anything bearing a fish motif is also suitable.

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