Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Divalia

angeronaDecember 21st is the day of the ancient Roman festival known as Divalia, in honour of the goddess Angerona. The festival is also known as Angeronalia and to drive away all the sorrow and chagrin of life. She was a goddess who relieved men from pain and sorrow, or delivered the Romans and their flocks from angina. Angeronalia is also thought to be the goddess of the new year and the returning sun.

Angeronalia is known as The Lady of Silence and Secrets, She Who Stands As the Protector of Rome, and she is represented with her mouth bound, or with her index finger held over her mouth, commanding silence. Aspects and attributes of the goddess are strength, passion, guardianship, and it is customary to have a cleansing fire to symbolize joy. Her incense are olive blossom, white nectarine, vibrant blood orange, honey absolute, lemongrass, elemi, sensual patchouli, and the quiet purity of gardenia. Angeronalia and the Divalia make a perfect additive to the Yule, Winter Solstice celebration.

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