Monday, March 10, 2014

“Yeti: A Love Story 2” Needs Your Help With The Sequel To 2008's Fabulously Cultastic Film

yetiActually before I talk about “Yeti: A Love Story 2- Life On The Streets” I need to scream out WTF!! How did I miss a twisted wild film like “Yeti: A Love Story”? It showed at Germany’s 2006 Tromanale Film Festival before it’s 2008 US release. Of course, in my defense I am still not sure that I even existed in 2008-but that is a dark rebirthing story for a wholly different discussion. Anyway knowledge is power! I now know about Adam Deyoe and his obviously mad creative partner Eric Gosselin, not to mention writing partner, James Martin, and this wonderful modern mythos with its hard-time struggles of a Yeti lovers, Yeti prostitutes.

So there is that…and now there is this! “Yeti: A Love Story 2 (hashtag) Life On The Street” (I added the hashtag it isn’t actually part of the title but when I say the whole title I feel like a hashtag should be there-damn Dale and is desire for reality television filled with some of your finest of the fucked up peoples of the world. Which brings me back to the point of “Yeti A Love Story 2”. There is only right at three days left of the crowd funding for this sequel from another mother further.

yeti2The crowd funding campaign for "Yeti: A Love Story 2" is taking place over on Kickstarter so…hit this link to head over there and check the rewards and tons of cool info about the film, after you finish reading this article tho!You can also learn more about the characters and the team that is just twisted enough to come up with this truly wild ride of a story that takes me back to my younger days of idolizing that struggling little girl Molly Stewart, who street-walked into my heart as she made her way in the big city as a hooker while still keeping her attendance up at private school. I am talking about 1984’s most awesome Angel! Only with Deyoe’s film you get Yeti love.

“Yeti: A Love Story 2 (hashtag) Life On The Street” is a violent, sordid, sexy and outrageous feature film that explores the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. Attacking the senses from the get-go with big laughs, Yeti love, cloning, a devil-pimp, the Cop Mafia, relationship troubles, kidnapping, murders, and lemon-party yeti sex and drugs! It is a wonderfully depraved, gross-out horror-comedy.

The story picks up with Adam now living in Los Angeles trying to re-start his life after the murder of his Yeti lover which left him as the only protector and provider of the baby Yeti he fathered. After is child is kidnapped Adam enters the underground sex trade. Now with the help of two new friends, a heroine-addicted Yeti prostitute with a heart of gold and a sexy street-smart stripper, they must fight the forces of evil to save the world. Check out the promo clip the guys put together to get yall’s support.

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