Saturday, March 10, 2012

A horror flick shot entirely on ipad 2!

From the Press Release:
Standards of Living, the new horror film from director Aaron Mento and Ocular Migraine Productions, is the first feature-length film shot entirely using the Apple iPad 2. In a teaser trailer released on YouTube, an announcer played by Kevin Glover (Syngenor) ridicules the crew for “besmirching the sanctity of the silver screen” with a movie filmed entirely on “a tablet with only 780p resolution.”
Standards of Living is about a terrible stand-up comedian, Peter Sayer, who takes part in a teleportation experiment that “improves” whatever cargo is being teleported. Unfortunately for Peter, the results are no laughing matter. Mento describes the story as “my own kind of extended Twilight Zone episode, only it gets weirder and darker as we move towards the conclusion.”
Regarding the use of the iPad 2, Mento said, “We were moving fast with a limited crew, and basically, we wanted to see if making a feature on a tablet could be done. We used the unique visual aesthetic of the iPad 2 combined with external microphones to create an experience most people aren’t used to: iPad 2 footage with quality sound, telling an engrossing feature narrative.”
With a miniscule budget, Mento set the story around only two available locations, and wrote the screenplay “specifically for the iPad 2, as a sort of challenge to what tools are traditionally necessary to make a feature film.
Standards of Living stars Scott Yarborough (Lady Edgerton, Campus Ladies) as the failed comedian invited to perform his act for the mysterious Mr. Randall, played by Bill Ferris, (Young Again, Spooks) and his assistant Stu, played by Derek Houck (United States of Tara, Napoleon Bon App├ętit). The film also stars Emily Marsh, Randy Raphael, Terry McCoy, Nicola Singer, and Rolland Kiroloss.”

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