Sunday, December 18, 2011

OH MY Gore And Romaine Basset Team Up For “Fievre”

The cast of "FEVER", the first feature film by Romain Basset co-produced by the team of Oh My Gore! has begun. We have already interviewed a score of actresses for the role of Jessica and all tell you that the choice will be difficult! Answer in a few weeks after a final session beginning in January when the actresses will face Catriona MacColl .
Emmanuel Bonami will play Horsehead!
Strong supporter of genre cinema in France (he organizes parties TYPE 3 years now), Emmanuel Bonami is impeccable in the role of mute Ball in the film "Djinn" (2010), it seemed the ideal actor to give substance to the boogeyman of "FEVER" - Horseheads - especially Emmanuel has an incredible voice and he demonstrated his talents as a doubler for several years (the French voice of Solid Snake of Metal-free video games GEAR SOLID is the one ...)
Therefore no doubt that Emmanuel will be better able to breathe life into our boogeyman as well as on the board when it comes to breathe in the post production.
Finally, we wanted to tell you that the makeup artists Jacques-Olivier Molon and David Scherer have already begun the work of sculpture of the different effects - Horseheads - among others.
Last thing, for those who would like to support the film, please visit our KissKissBankBank ( Support "FEVER" on KissKissBankBank ), there are quite nice and it's counterparts will really help us!
Of course we will keep you informed of all developments.
Source: Oh My Gore!
FEVER is a fantastic feature film that takes place in the world of lucid dreaming. The film will follow the journey of initiation of Jessica, a young woman who will have to investigate the strange past of his family in his own dreams. FEVER will be a fantastic film unusual, highly visual and decidedly experimental in form.
learn more on the project here!
keep up with it here! I will because this is gonna be a slasher flick with a killer named “Horsehead”!

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