Thursday, December 1, 2011

More details on “Starship Troopers: Invasion”

Today the “Starship Troopers” movie blog site released some non spoiling details on the new cg heavy installation of the “Starship Troopers” franchise “Invasion” film.
Details' as follows from the site:
Story & Script
“So I can’t completely spoil the story/details yet but I would like to share the process we went through.
We got together with the producers and production executives as well as the director to discuss various ideas for the story. In the course of discussion, a heated debate broke out on how the bugs are able to travel. They can obviously walk; some can fly…but with wings…and thus not likely to be able to fly through space. The bugs in the novel had advanced technology, but the ones in the previous films were fairly unsophisticated. As we were already inclined to position this new film to be in line with the universe of the live action adaptation, we knew we couldn’t have the bugs build any sort of ship capable of interstellar travel. The first movie showed them sending the meteor to earth that destroyed New Buenos Aires, but the bugs were not on that meteor. I cannot reveal our direction yet but please feel free to use your imagination on how a bug can travel through space. In any case, we figured it out and the story developed organically from there.
Starship Troopers is based on the novel by Robert A Heinlein and it was then adapted to live action movies with Ed Neumeier’s scripts. This time out, we wanted to go fresh and not replicate either the novel or the previous live action films. We functionally asked ourselves who we were making the film for – who loves vast space battles, vicious hand-to-hand, dazzling CG, and a character-driven, military-based story arc? Basically anyone that’s playing the current popular console video games. To me, the battle scenes from the first Starship Troopers movie felt like a team death match from an FPS game and that vibe definitely carried forward to the development of this film. Lots of action, lots of collaboration between soldiers with specialized skill sets. We were discussing writers and Joseph suggested a great writer who has worked on some of the Sci-Fi action games, Mr. Flint Dille.
Flint looks like Thor: big dude with a thick reddish beard, hearty laugh, and very deep voice. But he talks like a kid who has been on the PS3 the whole day (in fact, he left early from a meeting with the excuse that he had to go pick up his son to try a new war-action FPS game that shall not be named here). We fell in love with his cool ways (not just as a screenwriter but all he does) and we started working together on the script. Joseph and I were driving the base story structure and Flint was formulating and injecting great sequences of human drama and camaraderie as well as the gritty action – all with the wit and sarcasm that made Starship Troopers so popular.
Now, maybe that’s enough of my B.S. and I should at least give you a sneak peek?
There is a Federation outpost named Fort Casey that will appear at the beginning of the movie on an asteroid near a planet being attacked by the bugs. The name of the fort is homage to our executive producer Ed Neumeier and his son. And, here is a preliminary sketch of the fort’s design. Enjoy !
Stay tuned for more fun back stories and sneak peeks to come!”

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