Monday, December 12, 2011

“The Eternal” 2012 Teaser Trailer!

Intelligent & action-bleeding vampire thriller with a comic cinch, "The Eternal" is coming in 2012, and we have the first teaser, following the prequel "Ending The Eternal" we posted earlier.
Samuel Gradius has lived too long. In his 500 years on earth he has seen empires rise and fall, changed the course of history with his bare hands and witnessed countless revolutions with his own eyes. Samuel Gradius is a vampire, perhaps the only vampire, and he's had enough. He wants to die.
No longer content with the idea of simple suicide, he makes the decision to go out in the ways of old. He wants a warrior's death. THE ETERNAL follows Samuel on the pursuit of his own personal oblivion, he hopes, at the hands of someone worthy. An action-packed horror/thriller with a vicious sense of humor.
Coming 2012!

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