Monday, December 12, 2011

“Art House” Check Out The 1st Teaser

Art House is set over one hellacious night, Ben Richards races against time searching for his wife before its too late...
After work Ben goes out with his friends for a few drinks while Liz journeys to a model shoot from an internet advert. Liz is cannot find the location and phones Jeff for help quoting a road name, but they just argue and Liz cuts the call. Liz finally meets the photographer who seems really nice. Ben is having a good time with his friends. While Liz changes for the next setup the photographer gets some visitors asking for micheal. Once inside the photographer attacks the visitors with a sledgehammer and kills them. Liz comes out of the bathroom and sees a gory mess of blood - she tries to escape but all the doors are bolted and windows locked. She calls Ben and is about to tell him where she is when she is attacked and a plastic bag is pulled over her head!
So now begins Ben's nightmare of trying to find Liz, he must uncover the truth before it is too late...

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