Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Blood Companion - Jason Daniel Kowalczyk

This is the story of Lelio Froste and how he became a vampire. A man that in his mortal years, sadness was allowed to rule over him. It was the sadness that cost him his first love Sakara. It was many years after the divorce, when he had decided that life was not worth living, that she returned to him to save his life. She also offered him a new one. Lelio had to go through the transformation into a vampire to finally learn to value life. This story is not for the faint at heart or the easily offended. Jason spins a story of gothic, horror, erotica, love, and violence. Not only is Lelio able to save his own self, he somehow manages to save the world in the process. This is the first cut, first release, and unedited version of the tale.

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