Sunday, July 8, 2007


So far this past season of media overload has been a highly aggressive one. Lately the news and daytime shows have been hell bent on finding someone or something to crucify. For the most part it is very entertaining and sometimes informative. I have learned one thing though, people are for the most part hypocrites, and obviously mentally programmed with double standards and biased opinions. For example:

Mr. Washington of Grey's Anatomy used the word faggot and just got a slap on the wrist-"God bless the American Rehab" He is an African American actor who claims Christianity as his guiding light. Whatever!
Ann Coulter used the word fagot and was chased off staged and practically blackballed from the media symbolically equal to being burnt at the stake. "God has forsaken the American Rehab" She is a White Female Conservative Political Speaker who apperehently thinks the Republicans are righteous. Not even close!

Imus shows an obvious racist heritage by using nappy headed ho's and is about to be burnt at the stake so to speak. "Ain't no American Rehab will take him" He is an Old White dude who looks scary and probably finds nothing righteous at all. Feel the burn!

My point is that every one was screaming freedom of speech and second chances when Mr. Washington gave his apologies but let the ignorant white Americans shout their insults and everyone starts screaming freedom of speech but fuck second chances fry the racist bastards. Am I the only one who sees the double standard and hypocrisy in this whole logic?! I am not racist nor bigot nor sexist, well maybe sexist a bit but not in the typical way, and anyone who knows me will agree. All these people where wrong and offensive and should receive the same unbiased punishments by responsible sponsors but all have the right to freedom of speech. It just seems to me that a persons gender, race, and orientation decides whether or not they are offensive. To me that is the bigger prejudice that seems to be socially except-able in this country.

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