Tuesday, July 10, 2007


There is an ever growing problem with violent crimes against children lately. It is no longer media stories of worrying about the child molester or the estranged parent who abducts their kids, it seems that now there is ever more stories of parents who are just killing their children in obscenely abusive manners.

Something has got to change in this country to put an end to this sickening wave of murder and rape of defensless children. I personally feel they should be executed on the spot once caughtand convicted. I also believe in mandatory monitoring of all families with children registered within their local school district on quarterly bases. There should also be manditory psych evaluations of all expecting and current parents through social services for families with history of domestic abuse issues. Plus I feel we need a no strike rule for anyone who is found guilty of legitamite crimes against children with mandatory 25 to life sentence for abuse not resulting in molestation or death of victim and capitol punishment for crimes that result in the molestation, rape or death of a child.

This sounds extreme and very totalitarian but there has got to be an end put to these crimes. It has gone on far too long and and is only getting worse. And this is where my Human Rights beliefs get put on the back burner.

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