Saturday, March 30, 2019

Creepy First Trailer Arrives For 'NOS4A2'

The first full trailer for AMC's 'NOS4A2' is werqin' the creeps! The series will premiere alongside the new season of 'Fear the Walking Dead' on June 2nd. So...PARTY!

'NOS4A2' follows the story of Victoria “Vic” McQueen (played by Ashleigh Cummings in the series), who discovers that she has a supernatural ability to find lost things by riding her bike across a strange bridge. She crosses paths with a man named Charlie Manx (played by Zachary Quinto), who kidnaps children to take them to supernatural place called Christmasland, where he feeds off of their souls and corrupts them. Vic was the only child to have ever encounter Manx and escape and those experiences have haunted her later in life. Year later, Manx has found a new child to spirit away to Christmasland: her son.

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