Saturday, June 23, 2018

My Review Of "The Jurassic Dead"

Written by Milko Davis and Michele Pacitto. Directed by Davis and Thomas Martwick. 
Starring Matt Block, Cooper Elliott, Ben Johnson, Mia Kloster, Nicole Goeke, Shale LA Page, Wes Clark and Ruselis Aumeen Perry Stick.

A hard-boiled hotshot militia unit, led by "Cuchilla" Vasquez (Raquel Pennington - UFC Top-Ranked Contender, "The Ultimate Fighter"), Duque Wayne (Andy Haman - World-Renowned Pro Body Builder, USA National Freestyle Wrestling Champion) and "Stick" Howard (Ruselis Aumeen Perry - "American Ninja Warrior") must team up with a group of tech-nerd millennials after the United States is struck by a master-planned EMP asteroid attack. Stranded in the desert, the two disparate groups end up trapped inside the labyrinth compound of mad jilted scientist and political terrorist Dr. Wojick Borge. There they realize this madman is behind it all and more, and they scramble to stop the rest of his nefarious plan to toxify the world. 

Meanwhile, the ultimate bio-engineered zombie dinosaur killing machine - the Z/Rex - is hunting them down. The commandos and the millennials ultimately turn on each other, and unearthly pandemonium ensues. The blood-thirsty predator picks them off one by one, shredding and infecting them as they struggle for their very survival against the unimaginable menace.

"The Jurassic Dead" story is uber-contrived, forcing a total submition of the audience to fancy and absurdities. It is a premise that is insanely over the top with everything thrown in but the kitchen sink. The concepts are, individually, cool - although not so original- however they are a bit much when thrown together. 

The cast offer a mix bag of two diminsional caricatures, with a couple notable exceptions. Very little comes off as convincing with delivery. Most of the drama is melodramatic in the least flattering way- again with a few notable exceptions.

As for the special effects, personally I found just as much that worked for "The Jurassic Dead" as I found wrong. First, kudos to FX department for doing practical creature efeects. It was a nice design, it worked on camera with one obvious exception, the T-Rex was too small. The CGI was at times, spot-on, some scenes came off a bit 1990, but all in all,  Syfy and The Asylum worthy material.

Overall, "The Jurassic Dead" is a great film, the acting and premise is slightly rough to sit through, but there are a few cool, entertaining moments. The big winner for this one is the musical score, and sound track. Awesome work. If you are a fan of these types of microbudget creature features then it will be a decent watch, if not just go into "The Jurassic Dead" for warned. (2/5)

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