Thursday, April 27, 2017

Crowd Funding Kicks Off For "The Monster Of Dread End"

A crowd funding campaign has kicked off for a pitch package to gain funding support for monster movie "The Monster Of Dread End". The feature is an adaptation to the classic comic of the same name, written by Ed Robbins for Dell Comics’ Ghost Stories #1 in 1962 and has been described as, “Utterly terrifying! The stuff of nightmares.” The campaign is taking place over on Kickstarter.

Long empty of human life, the dark, decaying tenements of Dread End stare silently across at each other as though still frozen in horror at the memory of the frightful scenes they alone had been witness to…
It’s 1962. Time was when Dread End, then known as Hawthorn Place, was a busy, noisy, happy street that echoed the sound of children’s laughter. Then early one morning the first one was found. It was a balled-up thing, like an empty wrapper thrown carelessly aside, but somehow still recognizable as having been human…
After dark no one ever dared venture into even the outer fringes of this no-man’s land, let alone the very center of it.
Until… tonight.

Though only seven when his little sister became the first victim of the Dread End monster, Jimmy White resolved that if the police didn’t find her killer, some day he would. Now, at the age of 15, Jimmy feels he is old enough to ferret the monster out.
Crouched in the shadows of an alley, Jimmy begins his lonely and fearful vigil. Jimmy stands up to stretch… then quickly crouches back into the shadows. He stares, unable to believe his eyes! 

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