Thursday, December 17, 2015

Release Date Announced For "Zombie Croc"

The DVD/VOD release date has been announced for b-movie, creature feature "Zombie Croc". The film, directed by Robert Elkins, has a street date set for February 9th, 2016. " Zombie Croc" stars Brittany Scalf, Apryl Crowell, Crystal Howell, Tony Jones, and Robert Elkins.

A team of researchers and a mysterious hunter known only as ''Crocodile Jack'' venture into the swamp to battle a monstrous resurrected swamp beast that has been mutilating and devouring town locals. As they venture deeper into the swamps losing team members to the gigantic carnivorous undead reptile, they discover that a Voodoo Priest has been orchestrating the resurrection of not only the vicious ancient creature, but a horde of flesh eating zombies as well. It will take much more than big guns and brawn to stop the ZOMBIE CROC!

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