Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trailer Released For “Bugs 3D”

bugs3dCheck out the trailer for China’s sci-fi / creature feature, “Bugs 3D”. The film is a throwback to the classic Hollywood B-movies of the sixties and seventies, "Bugs 3D" also owes a debt to the likes of Korean blockbuster "The Host 괴물" (2006). “Bugs 3D” stars Xia Zi Tong 夏梓桐,  Zilin Zhang 张梓琳.

In the near future, due to a huge demand for protein, scientists have developed a synthetic alternative that has rapidly spread around the world. Jams is a brilliant but fanatic geneticist and has managed to raise super bugs that can provide high-quality protein at a low-cost. However,  the reproduction of the bugs goes out of control and they break out of the tubes, devour scientists, and turn into giant monsters. 

These monster bugs are hankering after flesh and blood, and swarm into the sea waiting to rage a holocaust.Some brave souls are bold enough to jump onto the ship where the bug queen resides in hope to end the war by killing it. They know - if they don’t succeed, mankind will be doomed.

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