Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Poster Released For Supernatural Horror “The Ouija Resurrection”

theouijaresurrectionCheck out the poster art featuring a name change for supernatural horror sequel “The Ouija Resurrection”. The film is the follow up to “The Ouija Experiment” and formally known as “The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre Of Death”. “The Ouija Resurrection” is directed by Israel Luna and stars Justin Armstrong, Swisyzinna,  Nicole Holt.

ITN Films Synopsis: Based on true events, The Ouija Experiment is the story of five friends who decide to videotape their experimental sessions with an Ouija board in hopes of creating a ‘sure-to-make-them-famous’ viral video. Caught up in their personal drama, the group looses sight of the all-important rules of the game and soon fall prey to the evil entities that occupy the board.

Synopsis: A fun filled weekend turns deadly when a group of unsuspecting theatre goers are trapped inside, after a ravenous spirit is resurrected and released from a Ouija board. They must confront their most terrifying fears and destroy the spirit before it finds and kills them first.

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