Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prepare For The Feature Length “Rabid Love”

rabid loveThe horror short “Rabid Love” spread it’s nightmare vision last year and apparently infected enough attention from horror fans to get a feature length re-do! The new larger epidemic will spread it’s terror on March 1st 2013. The movie that takes fans back to the golden days of horror enjoyed in the late 70’s and early 80’s is totally independent with a delusional budget of practically nothing and yet manages to bring the fear on an epic scale. “Rabid Love” takes place in 1984 and is a rejuvenation of those classic films. The look and feel of the era comes through in the settings, props, wardrobe, and most importantly, the characters of the film. The film is directed by Paul J. Porter and stars Hayley Derryberry, Colin Cunningham, Brandon Stacy, Jessica Sonneborn, Josh Hammond and Hannah Landberg. Check out the trailer for the short film below.

Heather Ross, a recent college grad, and her group of friends head out for a weekend of relaxing at a cabin in the woods. She has plans for graduate school but unknown to Heather, her boyfriend wants to settle down and get married. Despite warnings from the locals of a man-killing bear loose in the woods, the group has a good time at the cabin until Heather's boyfriend, John, meets a strange hunter in the woods. People start to disappear and things get bloody- turning the weekend of fun into a fight for survival against the strange hunter, nature itself, and an unknown beast lurking in the shadows!

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