Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Than Midnight By Brian James Freeman

Book Worth Reading:

freeman07Brian James Freeman’s collection of short stories titled More Than Midnight will hit shelves in January 2013. It is on my list of must read books and features five dark tales that are sure to test the elements of horror. It explores locations you would never think to look in because sometimes we find our darkest demons in the most unexpected places. The collection will be published through Cemetery Dance Publications.

In "What They Left Behind," a young man discovers something lurking in the basement of the old office building his father-in-law has purchased in a last ditch effort to save the family business. This thing in the basement is evil and it's very, very hungry.

In "The Final Lesson" you'll meet Ronald, a mild-mannered high school teacher who has never lifted his hand in anger, but there is a darkness inside him, which has been building and boiling since his wife was brutally murdered... and he might not be able to control himself when he learns more about why she died.

A family man discovers there are monsters taking over the world in "Among Us," but he also learns that a chosen few can fight back if they're willing to sacrifice everything they've ever known and loved.

As "Pulled Into Darkness" opens, Edward is certain of only one thing in life: eventually his wife will find a way to kill him.  Her previous failures won't stop her from trying again and again until she succeeds... and tonight one of them won't be leaving the house alive.

In "Answering the Call." He stays in the homes of the deceased during their funerals to answer the phone, receive deliveries, and deter thieves who might have seen the obituary in the newspaper. The young man has witnessed a lot of strange things over the years in the homes of the dead, and today his job will truly become a matter of life and death...

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