Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Review Of “Drug Smugglers: The Horrors And The Highs”

drug smugglers docEyes Wide Open Films’ “Drug Smugglers: The Horrors And The Highs” is a documentary chronicling the story of two friends lives as 1970’s marijuana smugglers.  Allan Weisbecker and Patrick Abrams where two kinds who became friends around their mutual love of the ocean and surfing who later created a criminal enterprise in moving marijuana internationally. Allan is the famed writer of In Search Of Captain Zero. The documentary is an entertaining and heartfelt look into the wild ride of a violent culture of crime. The story brings to life the one-of-a-kind personalities of two individuals who lived through the vicious and complicated battle with themselves and the many elements and cultural factions that has taken many a life in the dark world of drug trafficking.

This is a candid look into the shady world of smuggling and friendship from the characters themselves. It gives a unique look into a culture and time that Hollywood could only dream up yet these two men lived. Most people never life to tell this kind of story so to here the tale from two men who managed to live such a violent and unpredictable lifestyle and survive is a wonderful glimpse into the darker side of life. This is a very enjoyable documentary that shows two passions that initially seem to be at odds yet in a strange and fascinating way often seem to go hand in hand. You hear the logic and reasoning on how and why the temptation and ability to pursue such a dangerous venture seemed so easily manageable yet as many negative journeys in life almost always turns into a nightmare leaving heartache and bad blood in it’s wake. This is a cool documentary that shows both a passion for surfing and a lust for life on the edge through the frill and thrill decades of America’s ages of excess.

“Drug Smugglers: The Horrors And The Highs” is from Eyes Wide Open Films. It was released in May 2012. Shot in three countries, Drug Smugglers exposes insider perspectives of the drug trade and the lengths that those involved will go to in order to protect their monopolies and the price they pay as a result. Check out the trailer and get ready to see into the lives of two very unique and entertaining marijuana traffickers.

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