Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“Needle” DVD release date for U.S

With the energy and action of films like “Gossip” and “Wild Things” and the nostalgia and eerie macabre sensation reminiscent of “Nightmare On Elm Street” the  original, “Needle” is sure to give new energy and blood pulsing fear to we Americans.  Oh and this little toy they introduce in this film is on my muthafuckin’ Christmas list bitches!
“Needle tells the story of young college student (Dorman) who inherits a strange 18th century mechanical contraption that has deadly supernatural powers. When the device is stolen and his friends start dying, the student must reunite with his estranged older brother in order to uncover the thief and stop the killings.”
John V. Soto’s Australian supernatural slasher, Needle is making its way to North America via Lionsgate this Novmeber 29th. The film will not only hit DVD, but also, VOD and digital download via iTunes.

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