Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Natalie Portman as Female lead in "Alien" Prequel?

Rumor has it that Natalie Portman is at the top of the list for female lead on the new Ridley Scott Prequel to "Alien". Natalie Portman has met with director Ridley Scott’s team is very high on the list to play the lead female role of “a female Colonial Marine general.” Damon Lindelof the co-creator of the uber popular LOST tv series has turned in a script for the ALIEN prequel film and 20th Century Fox apparently loves it! You know who else is loving it? Ridley Scott according to sources...
  "Why is everyone so excited that they have such a good script? Because the production cost for this film was estimated to be around the $150 million dollar mark and Lindelof’s script cuts a chunk of the large action set pieces, eliminating a portion of the cost. Ass to that the fact that the script reportedly has a more PG-13 vibe much like the original 1979 film. Which isn't a terrible thing for an ALIEN film. Not a lot of red blood spewing in the first place."...from
Now this script reportedly butchered the previous plan for the 150 million projected two film prequel and cut the rating down to a PG-13 at best. Now I know most of us early year fans of gore now have kids and doing the abc family approach to life, but come on! THEY CUT OUT THE BIGGEST ACTION SEQUENCE invisioned which lowered the budget projection so yeah the studio loves it. To me that is the first flag saying uh oh this is gonna suck beasty balls bad! Also when is a PG-13 a good think? That just means they cut out all the guts and gore and t-n-a that makes genre films great just so mommy and daddy will let the kiddies spend the $15 to go see it. So there's another flag saying not only is it gonna suck but it's gonna be chock full of over packaged sugar-coated crap. 

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