Friday, July 12, 2019

My Review Of Zom Com Series 'Bunkheads'

'Bunkheads' is a low budget Zom-Com about four people waiting out the zombie apocalypse in a desert bunker. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and stars Josh Covitt, Carly Turro, Khalif Boyd, and Chris O’Brien. 'Bunkheads', is a six-episode series directed by Lauren Klixbull

A group of four lovable goofballs: an oddball teacher, a floundering actress, a techie workout warrior, and an immature wannabe rapper. You may think the hordes of undead are the biggest threat during a zombie apocalypse, but annoying roommates can be almost as much trouble.

'Bunkheads' is a classic situation comedy series that aims for short bursts of quick witted humor and cheeky banter. It doesn't hit new ground but for a webseries with budget restraints, the series manages to be fun.

 There isn't a lot of time for full character development, but in the short episodes, about 12 minutes each, there is more than enough to make a connection with audiences. At times the fast paced back-n-forth feels clunky and some punchlines fall flat, but not to a level that hurts the overall entertainment of the series.

'Bunkheads' stays more comedy than horror. Most of the zombie portion of the story line stays subjective. Happening above the offbeat , somewhat mental survivors. There are a few quick moments with zombies, body parts, but for the most part the series is straight up shtick. It is worth checking out, It sits somewhere between the one where Adam Green is hard for Dee Snider, and the one with the haunted room for rent. Don't know there names, don't feel like googling. (3/5)

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