Monday, December 21, 2015

My Review Of "Season's Greetings" Anthology

Concept Media's horror anthology "Season's Greetings" brings some devious low-budget fun to Christmas. Directed by Shawn Burkett and Ryan Stacy, this complex story of lives in a small town caught in nightmarish circumstances on Christmas night stars Ayse Howard, Erin R. Ryan, Michael Reeves, Amanda Collins, Kayla McDonald and Kelci C. Magel. "Season's Greetings" offers the classic, cheeky bloody treats that Concept Media is well known for in its Indie, almost homegrown style, filled with organic, practical moments of gore, and twisted humor.

The stories are contemporary slices of gore, slasher, and demonic fun familiar in anthology story-telling. The film starts off with a moment of black satire, brutal and twisted that is more of a bookend effect, both starting and ending the anthology. It is a bit cruel and disconnected as far as the personable component, but it does give us one devilishly entertaining creature to exact a bit of justice within the story. 

The first half of the first story breaks off and we turn to the story of an evil little elf in this sequel to "Elfis". " Elfis 2" offers up another round of rage killing from the tiny evil elf with a slasher's heart. It is entertaining, bloody, and quick. Then we get another devious slice of life from the femme fatale of " Ladies Night" in this third short featuring these female killers out for a bloody good bit of fun- killing local douchebags. It gives us a bit of camp and is true to what the "Ladies Night" has become known for, flipping the roles of predator and prey.

"Season's Greetings" seamlessly finishes with the last half of that brutal revenge piece and gives us some demony delight with "Summon". It is the darkest and most mature of the nightmares found in " Season's Greetings ", and is also the most effective dramatically. Overall this anthology isn't as strong a film technically as " Watch This", but it is entertaining and fun. The effects are cheap, gory good moments that really sell the horror. The big winner in "Season's Greetings" is the musical score and added sound effects, they both were spot on and stellar! If, like me, you enjoy homegrown, low-budget Indie horror, and look for new films to add to the Holiday horror collection then check out "Season's Greetings". It won't be for everyone but I am a fan of Concept Media's work and enjoyed it!

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