Thursday, July 9, 2015

3 Minute First Look At Upcoming Sci-fi Thriller "Encounter"

Check out the 2015 3 minute first look at upcoming sci-fi thriller "Encounter" directed by Cosmo Losco. The film stars Losco, Michael Cephas, Daniel Chevez, Rob Durkee, Ash Hatcher, Hanna Walton, Will Durkee, Amie Bruce, Nick Karnbach, Evan Miller, Jim Schweiker, and Zohra Alnoor. Not sure when the release date is on this alien horror but it is still slated for sometime this year!

Millions believe. Thousands claim they have proof. No one saw this coming. 
In a quiet community outside of Washington, DC, a pair of tech-savvy roommates, Kyle (Daniel Chevez) and Paul (Rob Durkee), discover a hidden signal within our nations data and security systems.
As the pair try to locate the source, strange happenings begin to occur throughout the neighborhood and the unsuspecting citizens discover something is stalking them.As the truth of the unknown is revealed, they find themselves face to face with a chilling encounter.

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