Monday, September 29, 2014

Promo For Behind-The-Scenes Featurette For “Delivery: The Beast Within”

dtbwCheck out the promo clip promoting the 9 minute behind-the-scenes- featurette to be featured on “Delivery: The Beast Within” DVD/Blu-ray. “Delivery” is written and directed by Brian Netto who co-wrote the script with producer Adam Schindler. The film will be released on September 30th.

“Delivery: The Beast Within” tells the story of Kyle and Rachel Massy, a young couple who agree to document their first pregnancy for a popular reality show. During the production, following a series of disturbing paranormal events, Rachel begins to believe that a powerful force of evil has possessed their unborn child. Set against the backdrop of never-before-seen footage deemed too shocking for air, Rachel and Kyle’s family and friends recount the terrifying ordeal that’s remained a carefully guarded secret – until now.

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