Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Review Of Pilot Episode Of ‘A Seat On A Train’-“Out Of Place"

outofplace“Out Of Place” is the pilot episode of a new web series titled “A Seat On A Train” from writer/director Daniel MacMunn. The series is a modern celebration of the classic television series ‘The Twilight Zone’. The first episode which premieres Halloween introduces us to the lead character “Spencer”. He is a writer so wrapped in his craft that his reality becomes fused with is project both emotionally and physically. “Out Of Place” is a surreal expression of one man’s break from true reality. The episode opens with an almost Hitchcockian calm that is as unsettling as it is welcoming. Unsettling in the atmospheric sense that lets the viewer know that something is just not right with the events unfolding. The show it’s self (at least the first episode) is very well structured and shot beautifully. It flows with a strange macabre that one becomes familiar with having grown up watching the old ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes.

“Out Of Place” blends the psychological thriller with classic surrealism and sets the stage for some truly dark melodrama to come from future episodes. The acting is superb, with characters that are believable and emotive. I connected the with actor’s portrayal and can’t wait to see how far the intense psychological imperative to maintain control versus the succumbing to chaos will carry these characters. “A Seat On A Train” has peaked my interest in this indie series with it’s homage to classic story telling and modern yet timeless subject matter. There is a haunting, almost supernatural component to the story that plays out as an expression of the mental conflict of the lead character that is very Serling and Daniel MacMunn is definitely doing something that proves storytelling is his true calling. If you get a chance (well put it this way-make the chance) to see this series and the pilot episode when it airs on digital media outlets across the internet, then do so! I can’t wait to see more from “A Seat On A Train”. 

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Unknown said...

Well written point of view review. Can't wait to follow the series.


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