Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Review Of "The Butcher" Short Film

Lawrence Nelson II's horror short "The Butcher" is twelve minutes of hazy horror in hindsight, which in this case proves that hindsight isn't always 20/20. The film stars Kelly Ellison, Shannon Dankert, and Lawrence Nelson II in  this short and deadly expose into the tragic past and rumors surrounding Janet Leigh.

Ten years ago,  five popular teenage kids lured the school loner Danny into the woods only to kill him.  They're parents buried it. And justitce was never served. Now an urban legend as spawned. That every night on Halloween The Butcher comes to get revenge on the town folks of Peyton. 

Lawrence Nelson II's story of "The Butcher" takes on a haunting atmosphere due to hazy documentary styled shots, third person perspective, and macabre narration by the lead "doomed" character- Janet Leigh. It is a bit rough at times in acting and sound, but for the most part the characters and story are recognizable glimpses into a very dark story. The cool aspect is that Nelson II deals with this classic horror prose from the point of view of the accused (one of the accused) killers, instead of a surviving victim. That alone makes me want more.

The special effects are basic, most are simple techniques and gimmicks that can be found in a haunted attraction or Halloween shop. Which works well for this short and fatal tale of revenge. The real stand out aspect of "The Butcher" is a very natural flowing soundtrack which gives the story that necessary chilling factor. Overall "The Butcher" doesn't completely nail the intended vision that Lawrence Nelson II aims for, but it does give us a nice Halloween treat, and a phantom-esque masked killer that is dying for a longer, and larger story. Plus it is nice to see an alleged killer framed almost as victim in a horror story. 

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