Sunday, September 13, 2015

Indie #Webseries #CastingCall For #LGBT Themed #Supernatural Drama 'Paradise University'

The micro-production web series with, Paradise University, which will be broadcasted on a TV network in the following territories: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Baltic States and Israel, is casting lead male and female roles and extras for Season 4. Always wanted to act but have never had the chance? Here is your opportunity. Reliable and dependable actors sought.
CASTING CALL – Mondays beginning at 4:00 PM in Bristol, TN
Project Title: Paradise University, Season 4.
Project Type: Webisode series also for distribution.
Distribution: Undisclosed.
Subgenre: Gay & Lesbian, Gothic Horror, Murder Mystery.
Start Date: October, 2015.
Filming Days: Mondays.
Filming Location: Washington County, VA, indoor and outdoor locations.
Film Format: 24 fps, 1080 dpi HD
Producer & Director: Justin H. Guess in association with Abbunco Entertainment
Written by: Justin H. Guess and Rickey Russell and Michael Sinard.
Pay: Deferred payment/After scale of 2%.
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup: No.
Special Effects Makeup & Prosthetics: Yes.
Contact Information: Justin H. Guess,
Paradise University is a small college in Paradise Landing on Milton's Island. The island is off of the New England coastline and only accessible by ferry. It is infamous for its inclusive atmosphere, rocky beaches, lush woodlands and charming, old world buildings. However, dark secrets lurk in the shadows of Paradise Landing. A group of misfit students challenge these malevolent forces with terrible consequences.
Character Descriptions
Zoey is a new character and multi-season roll. She actively deceives others to hide that she is in fact a shape-shifter. She is lesbian and falls in love with another girl from college, Alice.
Daya is a new character and multi-season roll. She is a typical “mean girl”, but is a predatorily shape-shifter and witch. She is bisexual.
Ian is a hit man sent to assassinate his old friend, Travis. However, his true feelings for his old friend are revealed, making him a target to a jealous warlock. He is bisexual.
Private Randall is the good-hearted but dim-witted body guard of mad scientist Dr. Herbert. He is straight.
Malerie is a real estate salesman who appears in on scene to sell a bar to lead character Travis. This role is more comedic. She is straight.
Michael’s Father appears in one nightmare scene as judgmental and hostile to his son. He is staright.
The roll of Amora, a seductive sea demon in human form, was originally written for a man, but can be adjusted for a woman. Amora appears in a few scenes in one episode looking to take something from Dr. Herbert before returning to the sea.
The roll of the Bomber was originally written for a man, but can be adjusted for a woman. The Bomber appears in one scene, almost insane, with a bomb strapped to his chest.
Must be able to provide proof of age (18 or older) and have reliable transportation.
For Lead Roles: You may be scheduled for filming every Monday for three to four months on Mondays between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM; though 12-hour filming days are not common. Two days notification in the event of rescheduling is required.
For Speaking & Non-Speaking Extras Role: You will be scheduled one Monday sometime between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM.
Two days notification in the event of rescheduling is required.
For Lead Roles: Season THREE takes place over a week and episodes are shot out of sequence. You have to keep your hair the same.
Contact Information:
Please send headshots, reels and/or original pieces, e-mails of interest, questions, etc. to:

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