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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Crowd Funding Starts For Indie Supernatural LGBT Themed Web Based Drama

Paradise University is a web-based, supernatural drama with LGBT themes that is currently in pre-production for season 4. The series plays on H.P. Lovecraft and ancient mythologies to create a world filled with shape-shifters, witches, shamans, cults and much much more! 'Paradise University is a project that is really close to my heart, creator and writer Justin H.Guess approached me about writing for the show after reading my freshman novel-Demon In The Mist. So I am very ecstatic to finally see my work, along side Mr. Guess, and series star Michael Sinard, who also wrote for the series, be developed into this exciting and varied new season. Also it should be noted that a major LGBT network has picked up "Paradise University" for global syndication in the European market.

With all that said I would like to share with horror and supernatural fans the crowd funding information and this fun video telling fans what perks are available for your support. 'Paradise University' is crowd funding over on Kickstarter with some pretty intimate, and truly collectible rewards. So definitely check it out and support this truly indie project that an established mythos that offers a new, fun spin on the supernatural occult drama. Oh and there is blood, sacrifice, magic, sex, passion, power, evil and good exploding loads of entertainment!

'Paradise University' is created by Justin H. Guess, co-written by Michael Sinard and myself (Rickey Russell). The series stars Declyn Charles, Anne Austin, Jon Tyler, Joe Bailey, Blayne Ackerman, Shannon Skinner and Christy Rach. The show will be adding new cast members to play some very cool new characters, all of whom will shake things up in the small community of Paradise Landing. A small college town on Milton's Island, Paradise Landing is privy to beautiful scenery, quaint little shops, a seaside bar a variety of characters and a mysteriously deadly virus that is decimating the entire student body. Personalities are bound to clash when egos, testosterone and sex are in the mix.

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