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Friday, October 9, 2015

Crowd Funding Begins For World's Greatest Puppet Horror!

Let's face it- puppets are fucking awesome! From The Muppets, Fraggle Rock to Demonic Toys and Puppet Master, most of us just can't get enough of the clever and fun appeal that the little critters bring into genre story telling. Now "Frank & Zed" promise to bring us the world's greatest horror featuring puppets!

Currently a crowd funding campaign is underway over on Kickstarter for "Frank & Zed".  The film is the creation of Puppetcore Films and will be directed by Jesse Blanchard and features some pretty awesome puppets!

Centuries ago, a desperate battle left a village wasted, a new bride dead, and two mortal enemies dependent on each other for survival. Forgotten amongst the crumbling ruins, our two heroes have eked out a meager existence, each responsible for feeding the other. One fateful day, a villager trespasses into Frank's hunting grounds. The resulting 'harvest' provides Zed with a full tummy and sets the entire town on a course of bloody retribution.  Our undead heroes are out-numbered, out-axed, and falling apart but they're not going down without orchestrating a macabre symphony of blood, guts, & felt. 

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