Friday, December 6, 2013

New Images From Steve Du Melo’s “C.A.M.”

CAMSteve Du Melo posted some new images from his viral nightmare “C.A.M.” on his blog site along with some cryptic but cool news that teases a possible place in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Not sure what that will entail but best wishes man! “C.A.M.” hits festivals next month.

 As many of you know, “C.A.M.” is alleged footage of an actual event encompassing Police and Military performing a training exercise. The footage was leaked to Du Melo by a unnamed Government official and what it shows is something all together different. “C.A.M.” is the disturbing documentation of a parasitic invader that infected the meat at meat processing plant.  IMDb lists both Steve Du Melo and Larry Downing as directors on this project. The “cast” includes Helen Ayres, Charlotte Curwood, Daniel Jeary, Tom Ware and Roger Wyatt. I am so conflicted on all the info stuff about “C.A.M.” but one this is for sure I am very excited to see this footage, of that there is no conflict.

Actual statement as it is written below the film’s trailer.

This film is believed to contain real footage of a training operation using military and police personnel.

But it wasn't training...

These ops happened all around the world and this film was made by one of the police camera crews. This footage was leaked out and the film shows what was to be a routine operation to evacuate the workers after a parasite has contaminated food at a local meat processing plant. But what has happened at this meat factory could have disastrous repercussions to all life on earth. For this parasite can lead to irrational violent behavior in humans and it's spreading.

(The images below contain some blurred faces due to legal reasons.The images are screen captures from the footage)

cam still 1

cam still 2

cam still 3

cam still 4

cam still 5

cam still 6

cam still7

cam still 8

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