Monday, December 2, 2013

An Interview With “Another Kind” Producer Jay Schweid-Plus New Images From The Horror Thriller

"Another Kind", from Osiris Entertainment, is the latest producing effort from Jay Schweid. I had the opportunity to speak to the New Yorker about the spooky DVD and VOD release. I posted about “Another Kind” earlier after receiving a press release in my email and the film is quite interesting. I have a review coming up for the film but I am really glad that I have a moment to get in depth with one of the film’s talented team.

ASouthernLife: The promotional material describes the film is a mix of The X-Files and Blair Witch. Do you agree?
Jay Schweid: I was quite flattered when our distributor tagged the DVD case saying we were “In the Tradition of "The Blair Witch Project" and the "X Files”.  While I think that’s a bold statement, any filmmaker that makes a film like Another Kind is inspired by these films and certainly so where we.

ASouthernLife: What's something new "Another Kind" offers movie-goers that those comparable titles don't?
Jay Schweid: Aside from the tons of snow and subzero temperature we shot in? All kidding aside, I’m not one to compare anything we do to that of others.  "Blair Witch" and "X-Files" were phenomenal movies that set a certain bar for others to try and reach.  We never try to do that.  We look at all of our films as their own living breathing piece of work and hope that comes through to the audience.

ASouthernLife: How did financing come about with the film?
Jay Schweid: We put whatever we could scrape together ourselves and only spent money on absolute necessities.  I was able to get a few friends to jump in later to help cover some of the additional post costs and we put what we could in as needed.
another kind
ASouthernLife: Do you have a favorite moment in the film?
Jay Schweid: That’s a tough question.  When you make a film like this, everyone working together as a team, all freezing your butts off, it’s hard to see any moment on screen without thinking of what it took to get that shot.  There are so many shots that we got that we never expected to that are in the film.  I’m not one to think of things like this as luck as it comes from having talented people, working together to make the best film you can make regardless of the circumstances or environment you’re in.

ASouthernLife:  How important is the internet in marketing a film like "Another Kind"?
Jay Schweid: I think the internet is hugely important for any film, but even more so for ultra-low budget indie films like Another Kind.  Having a distributer like Osiris and working with Clint Morris (of October Coast) has been tremendously helpful and hopefully your readers will now want to check out our Facebook page and watch the film.

ASouthernLife: The film is being released on VOD. Do you believe cinema and traditional DVD are coming to an end, and everything will soon be watched on a computer?
Jay Schweid: Currently Another Kind is available on DVD and the VOD release will be coming soon, which is great.  I don’t think cinema or theatres are going to end as there’s something special about watching a film on a large screen with a bunch of people you don’t know and feeling a connection. They say DVD may be over soon and I can see that as being somewhat more likely, but then again books are making a comeback and there is something to be said for holding something in your hands, opening it and putting in a device to watch it – either on TV or computer. 





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