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The Haunting Of The Typical American Teenager: My Interview With Michaelah Noelle Nunes

Michaelah NoelleMichaelah Noelle Nunes plays ‘Sarah’ in the upcoming paranormal thriller “Provoked”. The young actress is a Massachusetts native and is no stranger to ghost stories. She remarked that her mother has mentioned many times, of the presence of loved ones passed on, who have visited the family in their ancestral home built by Nunes’ grandfather. It is the home where Michaelah spent the first five years of her life and still considers to be her “true” home.

 In the film “Provoked”, Nunes’ character ‘Sarah’ is plagued by a supernatural presence that has become attracted to her. Although, in the story that pertains to the family’s situation, there are plenty of paranormal events to go around. It just appears that 'Sarah' is the target of the entity's frustration. The film is directed by Jordan Pacheco and is currently in post-production. I had the opportunity to ask Michaelah Nunes some questions about her character in the film, among other topics. You can read that interview below.

ASouthernLife: In "Provoked" you play a teen who is being haunted. Can you tell me a little more about the character?
 Michaelah Noelle Nunes: think Sarah is a typical teenager in how her curiosity leads her to try and communicate with the spirit in her house, and also like a typical teen, ends up sorry she does!

ASouthernLife:  What about the character did you most connect with and how did you prepare for the role?
Michaelah Noelle Nunes: Well, as a teenager myself, I completely understood Sarah's curiosity and fear about what was haunting her family. I did have to put myself into a new mindset to prepare for this role, since I have never been haunted myself, so this was definitely a new and interesting experience! My Mom thoroughly enjoyed helping me prepare by jumping out from behind doors and hallways to scare me!

ASouthernLife:  This is your first feature film role, when did you realize that you wanted to be an actress?
Michaelah Noelle Nunes: I took some fun classes with an organization called Drama Kids when I was younger and found that I enjoyed entertaining people. Since then I've had some training with John Robert Powers in Boston and I've been fortunate to have had the experience of working on the set of a few independent films and feature films, as well as a local commercial. Oddly enough, I have found that improvisation comes a little more easily and naturally than scripts, so I started off by performing in roles that involve more physical and facial expression than dialogue. As I get more experience, I look forward to branching out to more challenging and fulfilling roles!

ASouthernLife: How has it been knowing that you are in a movie with Michael Myers?
Michaela Noelle Nunes:  Meeting the Original Michael Myers was awesome! It was fun telling friends and family who remember being terrified by his performance in Halloween how nice and down the earth Tony really is!

ASouthernLife:  Have you had any paranormal encounters while filming?
Michaela Noelle Nunes: While we had some strange and unusual incidents on set, I am definitely not qualified to determine if any of it can be attributed to anything paranormal!

ASouthernLife:  Are there any scenes in the movie that your character is in that make you nervous? Everyone has stated how scary the script is.
Michaela Noelle Nunes: I'd have to say that the bathroom scene was pretty crazy ... I assure you though, none of my bruises or cuts were real. That was the magic of our extremely talented make-up artist, Monique!

ASouthernLife: What is your hometown?
Michaela Noelle Nunes: I'd have say I consider Wareham, MA to be my original hometown. My family lived there with my grandparents for the first 5 years of my life, in the home my great-grandfather built. I lost my grandfather to brain cancer 6 years ago, and he was born and raised there, so I guess I feel like my roots are there.

ASouthernLife: Growing up did you know of a lot of haunted places in your town, if so did you ever explore them?
Michaela Noelle Nunes: I've been told that a few of my deceased family members have visited us on occasion, but I can't say I was ever aware of it. My mother told me some stories of seeing "things" in a nursing home she worked in when we lived in Wareham. A few years ago I did hear about creatures called a pukwudgies. Ever hear of those? They are evil little troll-like creatures from Native American folklore that like to lure humans to their deaths. The Freetown area was home to the Wampanoag tribe and supposedly there are pukwudgies roaming around the state forest...I may look into exploring THAT phenomenon some day! Uh...maybe not.
(I have say that I had never heard of the “pukwudgies” until just now but I will be looking them up to learn more!)

ASouthernLife:  What is the scariest ghost story that you have ever heard?
Michaelah Noelle Nunes: Although they did give me chills, I wouldn't classify the ghost stories I've heard as scary, since visits from family members and nursing home residents from the past seem pretty harmless. I think the pukwudgies got them beat!

ASouthernLife:  Who in the cast do you think is most likely to be scared by a paranormal encounter?
Michaela Noelle Nunes: I'd say me, but there isn't much that phases me. I'd like to think I'd keep my cool, so I guess I'll have to say Charlie (Ben), since he's the youngest.

ASouthernLife:  What are some of your favorite horror movies?
Michaelah Noelle Nunes: When I was little I loved Goosebumps, Halloweentown and Don't Look Under the Bed. As I got older I graduated to more mature movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Scream and the Bride of Chucky!

ASouthernLife:  Who is your favorite Scream Queen?
Michaelah Noelle Nunes: This is going to sound weird, but I really liked Ashley Judd in Kiss The Girls. She wasn't your typical dumb victim who kept making the same mistakes over and over. She fought back and escaped her kidnapper, TWICE, and what she went through was pretty horrifying! I love reading books and novels and then seeing them come to life on the screen...and they did that one well!

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