Sunday, June 9, 2013

“Gallery Of Fear” Anthology Available On VOD

gallery-of-fear-posterThe horror anthology “Gallery Of Fear” from Indie Director Alan Rowe Kelly is now available on VOD (limited). You can enjoy this cult classic, which is a modern tribute to four very distinct styles of cult filmmaking, right now on Youtube and Google Play, but thanks to  IndiRights Movies/Nelson Madison Films soon the anthology will be available on Amazon, amazon Prime, Roku, Digital 0-2, and many more. Plus it will be VOD in 17 countries.”Gallery Of Fear” stars Antonio Abud, Fernandez Abud, Susan Adriensen, Ashley Baity, Raine Brown, and Jerry Murdock.   Read My Review Of “Gallery Of Fear” here.

Renowned and malicious art critic Roberta Van Houten (Debbie Rochon) travels to upstate New York for a private art showing at the remote “Lunatic Gallery”. Left alone in a huge gothic manor and one mysterious draped easel, Roberta hopes to discover a new medium that will stun the art world. Instead she unveils a collection of terror more horrific than her poison penned reviews and is transported into four haunted tales of murder, monsters and mayhem. And the final tale is her own! Gallery of Fear is a collection of four twisted tales of terror and suspense titled “Critic’s Choice”, “By Her Hand, She Draws You Down”, “Down The Drain”, and “A Far Cry From Home”.

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