Sunday, June 9, 2013

“Dead Woman’s Hollow” Available For Pre-Order

dead womans hollowLibmatic Films “Dead Woman’s Hollow” is now available for pre-order. The indie flick was inspired by the real case of Rebecca Wright and Claudia Brenner. Both women were found dead in Pennsylvania's Michaux State Forest. “Dead Woman’s Hollow” is directed by Libby McDermott from a screenplay penned by John Taylor. Check out the trailer below then head over to the film’s website to find out how to order your copy! To find out more about the actual crime click this link.

Along the Appalachian trail, Jen and Donna's project to find some peace in this bruised and battered world runs into the true face of evil...Fear!  In a beautiful place a killer with a past and mission hunts his prey.  When the girls feel the fear from being hunted it forces them to seek shelter and we see the circle of abuse go around. The story of Dead Woman's Hollow unfolds by following the murder investigation and the crime reveals many layers to the quest of truth.  This social thriller and original concept compels the audience to reevaluate how simply hate and fear can influence actions and destroy options in life and living.  The true horror is our ability to hate and the true fear is the killer is in us all.

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